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Timothy Tristan is a celebrated choreographer, dancer, and teacher based in Los Angeles, California. With over 20 years of performing experience and a decade in directing and producing, Timothy has carved a niche for himself in the dance world, specializing in jazz, contemporary, and modern dance, with a particular focus on the Horton Technique.

Early Beginnings and Training

Timothy's passion for dance began at the tender age of five. With unwavering support from his mother, he was accepted into a performing arts magnet program, where he honed his skills through numerous competitions, conventions, and performances throughout middle and high school. His foundational training includes ballet at the Michelle Langley Dance Studio and a seven-year mentorship with Shirley Martin at the MKM Cultural Arts Center in North Hollywood, where he mastered the Horton Technique and Afro-Cuban dance.

Professional Journey

Timothy's professional journey is marked by versatility and creativity. He has contributed to the commercial, competitive, and contemporary dance scenes, performing and teaching in Los Angeles, New York City, and Alaska. His resume boasts collaborations with Pulse Dance Company, Martin Dancers, Rangoli Dance, Silayan Dance Co., and more. Notable projects include the self-produced dance play "Craving," showcased in 2019 at Dust Studios LA, and choreography for music videos, short films, and television broadcasts.

Teaching and Choreography

As an instructor, Timothy brings a wealth of knowledge and an infectious passion for dance to his students. He has taught at prestigious institutions such as Millennium Dance Complex, Evolution Dance Studios, and Hollywood Dance Center. His teaching philosophy emphasizes the integrity and history of each dance style, balancing technique, vocabulary, musicality, and performance with the ultimate goal of making dance enjoyable and memorable for his students.

Current Projects and Vision

Timothy is currently working on a queer horror fantasy film set for production in Summer 2026. His vision is to continue pushing the boundaries of dance, creating captivating and narrative-driven choreography that resonates with audiences. He offers original choreography, private lessons, and guest teaching, aiming to inspire and empower dancers of all levels.

Connect and Discover

Join Timothy Tristan on his artistic journey and experience the transformative power of dance. Explore his classes, performances, and innovative projects by connecting with him on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and subscribing to his newsletter for the latest updates.

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