"Capitalizing on his Artistry and helping guide others to do the same"



"He radiates positivity and has an infectious spirit"

Timothy is a true renaissance artist, with a passion for performance and fine art. You'll discover his talents have no bounds and has become advantageous for producing his work and so many others. Design, dance, art, music, film, photography, literature, theatre, and more.


Growing up in Los Angeles he learned at a young age that to be an independent and financially secure artist, "business and art must become one". He's business owner of Timothy Tristan LLC, an arts and entertainment company specializing in producing content for the public. Ranging from original logo, website, promotional ads and design, to choreography, dance training, business consultation, and artist development. Contact us today and let's get to work! Sign up below and get on our mailing list for new and exclusive content.

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